Bizzie International is an early learning center that seeks to educate your infant in a stimulating, nurturing and culturally diverse environment. Our building provides a colorful home-like atmosphere for your little ones. We spread no expense in creating safe, luxurious and educational classrooms to accommodate the intuitive child of today. It is our objective to allow all wards to think and explore with their creativity and little minds. Children express their thoughts and imaginations in any way they deem fit and each experience is their learning time.


We are excited that you have chosen to visit our school.  By these ages, children acquire a remarkable ability to learn from their environment. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child’s social, physical and cognitive development. We provide a comfortable environment just like home to encourage the children to develop at their own pace. Creating a conducive atmosphere that connects learning from school to home and vice versa is a top priority here at Bizzie International.


The school has a key goal of providing quality education to every student. To fulfil our goals, the school has employed highly trained professional tutors with the best qualifications. The school places a high premium on sound behavioural training and discipline through sound moral instructions and counselling. We remain determined in the development of suitable approaches and values to help raise wards into expedient adults. It is noteworthy that the high level of academic attainment in the school can be attributed to this high principles of discipline.


We are committed to a string tradition of excellence through the accepted method of education which nurtures and develops confident, assertive and lifelong learners. We provide a safe and hospitable environment where children can gain a positive approach to learning. Our pupils learn to be caring and respectful to each other while learning to be part of a crowd.


Providing a solid basis for young students is our aim. We offer an all-inclusive educational system where our staff are committed to the education of every child with the use of good teaching methods based on good educational exploration. Our students come out passing with flying colours in the annual B.E.C.E examinations.


Extra curricula activities as very important avenues for fostering unity and team spirit and also for character and leadership training. The school encourages sporting activities, cultural displays, youth clubs and organisation, community and voluntary activities. The achievements of these clubs have helped the school project its strong beliefs.